When Kaitlyn reached out to me last week about doing maternity pictures I was really excited. I had sworn that I wouldn’t take on any more shoots before Robert and I left for the wedding, but I just could not say “no.” Her husband, Thomas, had mentioned potentially doing pictures together back in July, but at the time Kaitlyn wasn’t really showing yet. Now, at 36 weeks, their little girl is growing fast, and the two of them were excited to finally be able to do maternity pictures.

On a time crunch, we started trying to plan for the day, but one thing after another kept getting in our way. We finally nailed down a date to do the pictures and we talked about doing them at Boulder Ridge with the cliffs and beautiful fall colors as their background. Literally as we were making the plans our local news announced that there was a winter storm advisory on the very day that we wanted to do pictures. They were calling for us to get as much as one foot of snow.

With the pending storm in mind we tried to come up with indoor ideas for their maternity session. Well, living in Montana we always end up getting surprises when it comes to weather. Yes, it snowed, but we definitely did not get a foot and by the evening there were only faint traces that it had even stormed. Because of that we combined plans and did both indoor and outdoor pictures. We started off the session at Crooked Tree, a local coffee shop in downtown Great Falls, Montana. The shop provided an artsy and cozy vibe and we were able to grab some tasty treats before heading out of town for the outdoor portion of the shoot.

Boulder Ridge was absolutely beautiful and it provided an array of backgrounds and the settings boasted everything from fall leaves to some snow and even icicles! We had fun at that location taking pictures around the pond and up at the cliffs. From there we went on and adventured around a bit. We stopped to take pictures by the Missouri River, and also pulled over so that we could get some shots with the changing foliage alongside the winding country roads.

The evening turned out perfectly and I genuinely loved hanging out with Kaitlyn and Thomas. I really liked getting to know them and their story; they both just radiate happiness and the love they share is so apparent. It was awesome to see their faces light up as they talked about how they met, their wedding day, their puppy, and their little girl. They are such an adorable couple and there is no doubt that they will be excellent parents.

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