Getting Creative On Long Island

When I went on my most recent trip to Long Island, New York I wanted to shoot something different. I wanted to explore a new place and create something beautiful. Before leaving Montana, I reached out to State Management to see if they had any models available for a photoshoot during my time there. Shortly afterward they connected me with Jade. After just a few quick messages I could tell that Jade was on the same page. She was eager to be creative and she even did research to help find a location for our session. After doing research she came to me with a few location ideas that she found on Long Island. She told me that she had come across one in particular that would be perfect…she was right.

Stormy Weather

The night before our session I sat in my hotel room listening to the winds howling. Outside the window it was pouring rain. Praying that I didn’t have to cancel my session with Jade, I continually checked the forecast. We kept hoping for a change in weather, but every source called for more rain and wind in the days to come. On the morning of the session it was still crazy windy. The skies above loomed with dark clouds which carried the next wave of storms. However, even with the promise of a downpour, there was a break in the rain. We saw this break in the weather as a sign and we refused to cancel the session.

The Planting Fields In Oyster Bay

The drive to the Planting Fields In Oyster Bay was beautiful. The road to the historic park wound through the trees and it made you feel far away from the hustle of the city.  Once we arrived my husband, Robert, and I started scouting out the location. It was more magical than I had built it up to be in my mind. Between the gardens, the greenhouses, and the old manor itself the location held endless possibilities for backgrounds. I was so excited that Jade had chosen the location.

After walking around and soaking in the views and the history of the place I met with Jade to start the session. She came completely prepared with outfit changes and she even brought her best friend/hair and makeup artist to assist during the shoot! Everything was coming together so perfectly and we were just holding our breath that the rain would hold out for a little while longer.

The location was so lovely and Jade is a such a natural beauty. The architecture on the property had us dreaming of what the English countryside might look like. We kept saying that the whole day felt like a fairytale and that we wished we could take newly found dream team to create magic all over Europe. Our imaginations let us run wild for a couple of hours until the rain finally hastened us to end the session.

Every-time I look back on these pictures I can’t help but smile. The way that everything worked out for us was just so perfect. Jade is also one of the most talented and kind-hearted people that I know. I seriously can’t wait until we can work together again.


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