My Adventure

I am a fine art photographer who is currently based in Montana. Specializing in destination weddings and portraits, I have worked in New York, Los Angeles, Mexico, and beyond. My work has been nationally recognized and featured in several publications. Photography has always been a love of mine.

I started taking pictures as a child. As my family and I moved from state to state and traveled around the country I would capture every memory. Sending the photographs back east to show the rest of my family became a way of keeping in touch. It helped me feel like, through those pictures, they could be in our lives even when they were thousands of miles away.

Start Of My Career

It all began as a hobby, but by 18 I knew that I wanted to pursue fine art photography and make a career of my passion. At 19 I opened the doors to my very own portrait studio in downtown Great Falls, Montana. With the encouragement and the support of my family it became my full time career by the time I turned 20. As my business continues to grow and expand my family is still there for me. My mom, Kim, helps out as my assistant at destination weddings and lifestyle sessions. She also doubles as my professional hair and makeup artist for senior and modeling sessions. My husband, Robert, also helps out by building props and seasonal sets for me. My two editing partners are our furbabies Baylee and Jade; if you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen a lot of them! 

I still do studio photography for seasonal events and modeling headshots. However, natural light photography is where my passion lies. In fact fine art natural light portraits are what have given me the chance to travel. I have captured destination weddings from Glacier National Park to the Grand Tetons and for portrait sessions I have worked everywhere from New York City, New York to Cabo, Mexico and Los Angeles, California to Baltimore, Maryland.

Where Next?

Now at 23, I have grown so much since I started. Not just as a business, but as a person. Photography has taught me many lessons and over the years I have learned more about who I am. This process helped me to really hone in on my style and to help create consistent experiences for clients. In this next stage of my career I plan to continue dedicating my time to my amazing clients. I also hope that my hunger for adventure never fades and I look forward to all of my future travels. So where will I go next? My next scheduled adventure is Galway, Ireland! After that, you decide! Edinburgh? Boston? Yosemite? Dublin? I will go anywhere for those who want to be in front of my lens. If you are up for an adventure that is as unique as you, send me an email. I can’t wait to get to know you and I am so excited to see where we’ll go.

The Experience

It all starts with an inquiry. After receiving your message I always set up a time to meet up in person or schedule a video chat. So many of our interactions in life happen behind a screen and to me your inquiry isn’t just another message. I like to put a face to a name. I want get to know you, your likes, and your hobbies. Every session is an adventure and knowing those details helps me to tailor each adventure. I want to create an experience that is as unique as you are!


If you have seen my work you know that I love natural light photography. I feel like the natural light not only best accents nature and our surroundings, but also us! I like images that are clean and crisp, photographs that truly capture you. In my efforts to capture each client as they are I also strive to achieve a naturalistic style in my edits. Every image that I take is how I see each fleeting moment. I feel that my process of editing helps my images retain the natural beauty of life.



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