Taylor Marie

6 months ago, today, Taylor came home from the hospital. She is not only everything that I wanted, but also exactly what I needed. It is true when they say that children fill the void that you never knew was there. God definitely knew what he was doing when he brought her into our life. Our little Taylor gives my life the purpose that I had been searching for. Her smiles and laughs make every day brighter. Yes, we have our bad days and rough nights, but I wouldn’t trade a single one of them for a life that she wasn’t in. She is our crazy cat, monkey girl, cutie patootie, sweet angel, crab cake, and turkey butt.


She was born at 9:37 AM a blue eyed, dark haired beauty. Her eyes are still the deepest blue, but she is now a strawberry blonde. Taylor started out in the 99th percentile for her height. She was born at 22 inches long! Since then her growth has slowed down and at her last appointment she was in the 90th percentile. As for weight, she was born at 8 pounds and 9 ounces. We haven’t been to her 6 month appointment yet, but little miss is probably around 16 pounds now.


Life With Taylor

Taylor loves her jumper. She spends so many hours of the day just jumping and laughing. When she isn’t in the jumper she is playing with her stuffed animals and practicing her rolling and sitting. At this point she wants to crawl so bad, but just she hasn’t figured it out yet. Talking is also a work in progress. She constantly says “dad” and she has also said “hi” and “okay.” Taylor started with m’s last week so there is hope that she’ll say “mom” soon. Lol! We also recently introduced solids. So far she is not a fan of the rice cereal. For her 6 month birthday, yesterday, we let her try beef. It was also a no go; she actually vomited…

Our bedtime routine isn’t 100% set due to the fact that the dry Montana air prevents nightly baths. I think Taylor wishes they could happen each night because she loves them! The only thing that is set is storytime. Even though we read throughout the day we always end the night with a book from dad.

When it comes to sleep, we are doing better. In fact she slept 6 hours straight all week *knock on wood* I hope that things stay this way. The whole waking up every two hours throughout the night was for the birds! With all of the exercise that she gets during the day, naps are also improving. It’s the little things, but every little bit helps when it comes to being a mom and an entrepreneur. Those nap breaks are crucial!

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