This year I went on my first Fall tour. The tour took me all over, from Maryland to New York, and from Pennsylvania to California. California was the last leg of my tour and though I only spent a week there, I got to do a lot. I spent the week hanging out with my mom and assistant, Kim, and we not only got to explore the California Coast, but also got to connect with wedding vendors in Burbank, meet with modeling agencies, do two rooftop photoshoots in Los Angeles, and we even had the pleasure of booking several modeling sessions on the beach in Malibu, California!

Even though the beach sessions were the last part of my Fall tour, that is where I am going to start. It was a chilly day and breezy too, but when we got out of the car after spending a long day in downtown Los Angeles we were so refreshed just being at the ocean. Malibu was just completely different and it was like a whole other world. The air seemed fresher and the scenery was beautiful. I loved getting to walk barefoot in the sand and breathe in the salty air. The views, of the cliffs and the rocks jutting from from the water which made the water break into white caps, made the perfect background for the beach sessions!

I had a great time working with the girls from Rocky Mountain Entertainment Agency. They all were just as happy to be on the beach especially since we all had to return to the cold weather and wind of Montana the next day. I think that their excitement showed through and I am so excited to show you all a few images from the sessions that we did out in Malibu, CA!

Hair and makeup by: Christa Jacobs




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