Robert and I can’t wait any longer to tell you all; Baylee and Jade are going to be big sisters! That’s right! If you missed the picture of the ultrasound above, glance again. That is our Christmas maternity announcement! Now, I know that some of you who know me may be surprised by the news of a maternity announcement. I was always the girl who didn’t think she’d ever want kids. So what happened exactly? Over the last 4 1/2 years of being with Robert I had started to warm up to the idea. I still kept saying “someday,” but I was coming around.

During my trip to New York in June something finally hit me. I had spent the whole day doing photoshoots with models in Manhattan. It was a crazy, busy day and when I got back to my apartment in Queens I just wanted to relax. Sitting on the front porch I began thinking about my life. Usually those thoughts consisted of where my next photo shoot was and when I could go kayaking with my husband. This time it was different though, I went into this little daydream where I was working in New York and when I came home, I came home to my husband, the pups, and OUR KIDS. This idea didn’t scare me. Instead it made me feel content. From that moment on I could not stop thinking about how I wanted to be able to balance being a full-time photographer, a wife, and a mother.

Every time that I saw a family together or a dad playing in the yard with his little girl I would think to myself, “I really want that.” During my work-trips I also started to see the bigger picture. Whenever I would doubt myself I would sit back and think about how I could never preach to my kids to chase their dreams if I didn’t do it myself. Because of that I started aiming higher and believing in myself that I could achieve bigger.

Flash forward to October 17th, our wedding day. I was standing up on the altar holding hands with Robert. In that moment, there was just something about the look in his eyes, that let me know that I was right. I had the answers to everything that I needed; it all was right in front of me. I knew that with him we could achieve our goals and that together we could chase our dreams and have a family. Right then I knew that we could do anything so long as we have each other.

After our honeymoon I started my fall tour and things were a whirlwind. Robert and I spent a couple of weeks doing photo shoots in New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland and after that we drove back to Montana. Once we were back I spent one whole day at the house before my mom and I went out to Los Angeles. By the time that I was back from working in LA I was starting to feel different. I wasn’t tired or queasy, in fact I felt better than I had for a long time, but I still thought that a trip to the doctor’s might be in order. Sure enough I was right. I came home with a doctor’s report saying that I was 5 weeks pregnant. I tried to think of a cute way to tell Robert, but I couldn’t wait to come up with anything. When we were hanging out over lunch I just handed him the doctor’s note and told him. Robert has wanted children since we met so he was so excited! In fact he didn’t stop smiling for days. Without much hesitation we started calling and telling everyone in the family to let them know.

We waited impatiently for our next appointment to roll around because that was when we could go in for our first ultrasound! Last week was the 8 week mark and we were so excited for the appointment. Everything went smoothly, the ultrasound tech showed us their little arms and legs and we got to hear their heartbeat for the first time. When they gave us the picture we immediately started talking about how we had to include our little one into our Christmas photo. Our annual cards quickly became a Christmas maternity announcement!

This Christmas things are definitely different around here, but in the best way possible. We really hope that all of you are having a great holiday season and we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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