Couture Photoshoot With Jaime Elyse

In November I had the chance to do a couture photoshoot with Jaime Elyse. The photoshoot took place at a studio in downtown Los Angeles. When I first arrived the room was bustling with models from Rocky Mountain Entertainment Agency. Some were busy in wardrobe while others were in hair and makeup having their first look of the day styled.

While I waited for the first girls to be done with their first look I took in the studio space. The natural light was beaming through the large pane windows and the studio was bright and warm. I walked around, to check out which places I would like to use, envisioning different ideas.

Downtown Los Angeles

The natural light provided a great opportunity for indoor shots in the studio. In addition to the indoor studio we also had access to the rooftop. From the rooftop you could overlook the Fashion District of downtown Los Angeles. Once the models were finished in hair and makeup we took advantage of both locations. With three working stylists, there was always a model ready for more pictures. When one person was in hair and makeup another was just finishing up.

By the end of the day we were able to use a third studio. This location provided a great background for the styled bridal portraits. This studio had everything from a massive floral wall to large windows that were draped with sheer white curtains. The unique backgrounds helped me to create different looks between the models’ images.

The day went very smoothly and everyone had a great time being creative with the three locations. However, ever with the beauty of the other spots our favorite part was, hands down, shooting at sunset. Getting to capture the radiant colors from above Los Angeles was a perfect way to end the day.



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