How did you introduce solids to your baby? There are so many different answers and a lot of articles that talk about how to introducing solids to your six month old. The question these days seems to be should I do baby led weaning or traditional weaning. Robert and I always just planned to do the traditional style. However, pediatricians and other moms alike seem to be pushing baby led. So what’s the difference?

Baby Led Weaning VS. Traditional Weaning

Here is the difference. In the traditional style of weaning, infants transition from pureed foods to mashed and then finally solids. Whereas in Baby led weaning the food is prepped the same as it is for the rest of the family, everyone eats at the same time, and there is no transition.

According to Parents “Baby-Led¬†Weaning¬†originated in the UK. It promotes offering babies long graspable, large coin-shaped, or soft, mushy, and dissolvable finger foods instead of feeding purees with a spoon. The basic premise is that if you wait to start solids until 6 months, babies will be ready to eat finger foods, and the puree stage can be skipped altogether. Babies can eat purees, but with their fingers or utensils, not spoon-fed by the parents.

There has been very little research done in this area, but most of the studies I found had optimistic conclusions, suggesting that Baby-Led Weaning strengthens self-regulation, increases exposure to family foods, and even helps kids be more adventurous eaters later in life.”

So what did you do? What are you planning on doing? Taylor has not been a fan of the pureed foods so far. However, tomorrow she is trying Avocado so maybe her mind will change. If not, maybe she would rather try the BLW approach.

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