Deciding To Find Out

Originally our 20 week ultrasound and gender reveal was actually scheduled for the 22 week mark. However, we both were so antsy with anticipation that we couldn’t wait. We ended up checking in with our doctor’s office and asking if we could bump up the appointment. Thankfully for us they had an appointment on exactly the 20 week mark.

We had brainstormed the different ways to find out. Robert and I looked up cute gender reveal ideas online and talked it over several times. We finally decided that we wanted to find out at the time of the appointment, together.


Honestly, finding out that we were having a girl was a surprise. I know that you have a 50/50 chance, but let’s just say maternal intuition had thrown me off a bit.

Everyone who knows me knows that I have wanted a girl in the worst way. Seeing little girls playing in the yard with their dads made me daydream about my own little family. I would get so overcome with joy whenever I saw a baby girl or happened to pass by the little girl’s clothes in the store.

Then about halfway through the first trimester I started having dreams that we were having a boy. Every night, it was the same dream. We were taking him out hiking in the Redwoods. I was sold that we were having a boy. Then Robert told me to remember that they were just dreams and that I shouldn’t convince myself of something just because of them.

Sure enough he was right. When we went in for our appointment our tech told us that we were having a baby girl!  We were both so excited. In fact, as soon as we got home we immediately started picking out onesies for her.

Taylor Marie – Deciding On Her Name

Originally I was going to pitch name ideas to Robert in a cute way on his birthday card. However, he beat me to the punch and asked me on an evening walk what names I was thinking of. It ended up being such an easy decision.

For a middle name we both agreed on Marie. It is both of our paternal grandmother’s middle names so we loved that it had family history. When it came to a first name he brought Skylar and Piper to the table and I brought Harper and Taylor. I don’t think it took more than five seconds to agree that we both really loved Taylor Marie!

25 Weeks Along

Now, at 25 weeks into my pregnancy, things are going well. At our last doctor’s appointment our OB said that Taylor’s little heart is going strong and that all of the scans at our 20 week appointment looked great. She is also an active little girl. I swear that she is trying to do yoga or gymnastics as she is always flipping around, stretching, and kicking.

With snow still falling outside my case of cabin fever has made nesting easy. When i’m not working I have been obsessed with cleaning and baking. It might sound like I have a lot of energy, but I have actually been feeling pretty tired. Maybe it’s the cabin fever, maybe it’s pregnancy. The only thing that I know is that with her level of energy,  I’ll gladly take the extra sleep now so that way I can keep up with her when she makes her way into the world this July.

A special thanks to Danyelle Woods Designs for designing this custom watercolor for me! It is so adorable and I cannot wait to put it in Taylor’s nursery. Also thanks for styling up these images for our name and gender reveal. You are the best!

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