April in Montana, the snow was pilling up and for awhile it felt like it may as well be January. It was honestly tempting to just curl up on the couch with a blanket and binge watch Netflix for the foreseeable future.

However, after living here for so many years we decided that a little snow wasn’t going to stop us from exploring. One Sunday morning we made up our minds to go on a little adventure. Robert rounded up the pups and I grabbed my Pentax K1000 and a roll of 35mm film.

Deciding to make the day of it, we grabbed a little lunch to go and hit the road. Our trip took us through rutted out back roads that wound through the middle of the prairie. Thankfully his F-150 has 4×4 or else we would have had to shovel our way out more times than I can count!

Snow Day In The Prairie

After two hours we finally caught sight our destination out of the truck window. It was easy to spot. In the middle of a blank, white field rock formations were reaching up towards the sky. They started out small and sporadically spaced out, but the groupings got larger right before the edge of a massive cliffside. I am not even kidding. For being in the middle of nowhere, the cliffs impressively dropped down several hundred feet. At the bottom was a lone lake.

We were taken back by the views and ended up hiking around for over an hour. While we were out there we also had fun playing with the pups. Baylee and Jade had a blast catching snowballs and wrestling with each other. They were definitely not ready to leave when we called them to load up.

Film Lab – The Find Lab

35mm  Film – Portra 400

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