Adventurous Weekend

It’s not very often that you get to make a whole weekend out of a senior session. However, Morgan did and it was awesome! Morgan and I met 13 years ago when our parents became neighbors. Being neighbors our families grew close and we spend the greater part of each summer hanging out. One of our favorite things to do each year is a group camping trip. When it came time to plan Morgan’s wilderness senior session we decided to combine events. In doing so we would be able to be on location for both sunrise and sunset. Having that convenience also would make it easy to location scout and to take advantage of the best light of the day.

Deciding On Glacier National Park

Our families love Glacier National Park and that is usually where we spend our annual camping trip. It was only fitting that we continue tradition and so we made the call to do Morgan’s wilderness senior session at the park. Glacier National Park is a place whose beauty cannot be reckoned with. Because of that we knew that no matter the weather we would be able to capture some beautiful images.

Working Around Montana Wildfires

During our trip, it wasn’t weather that we ended up having to worry about. Instead it was wildfires. We almost didn’t go on our trip because we were worried about pending evacuation notices in the area. The whole week leading up to the trip we checked in with the park and our campground daily to make sure that it was still safe. They continually reassured us that everything was still okay in the parts of the park that we were wanting to visit and stay. With confirmation from all of our sources we decided to keep to our plan and go on our camping trip.

Senior Session In Glacier National Park

We drove up to Glacier National Park in the early afternoon. After arriving we quickly saw that the light was quite hazy from the smoke of the fires. We knew that we wouldn’t have much time to shoot and so we skipped checking in at the campground and went straight to our first location. Once we were at our first location we battled the wind and the smoke as we hiked through the trees. After utilizing some of the woodland backgrounds we went up to a lookout. The lookout provided beautiful views of the surrounding peaks. However, with the haze of the smoke, my husband pointed out that it reminded him of the final fight scene in the lion king. It was true. Though beautiful, the views from the lookout had a very desolate and almost apocalyptic feeling about them. As the night closed in we worked our way back to the campground, pulling off every couple miles to snag a few last pictures.

Wilderness Senior Session – Day Two

The next morning we woke up hours before sunrise so that way we could make our way to our second location. At our second location the conditions were completely opposite from the night before. The air was cold, still, and everything was cloaked in a thick sheet of fog. It was mesmerizingly beautiful. We shivered our way through the fog, every so often to create a new image. As the fog cleared into a light mist all of the fields of wildflowers were unveiled. Morgan and I were so excited and we loved the settings that we found.

After her morning session we met the rest of our family. Taking a break from pictures, we enjoyed breakfast in West Glacier and then we went kayaking. Once we wrapped up our kayaking trip we were tired and ready to go back to the campground and relax. Although that is what we felt like doing we knew that we would regret it if we did not take advantage of the sunset light. Besides we were in Glacier National Park! You really can’t beat that for a senior session.

Due to the fact that we were tired and the darkness of night was looming, we did not spend very long. Quickly getting out of the car, we hiked up the trail to the point where we were high enough to still catch the light. From there we snagged a few shots amidst the flowers and the views of the towering peaks. As the light of day faded out we made our way back to the car and we called it good for the day.

End Of The Wilderness Experience

On our final morning of our camping trip we again woke up before sunrise. Quickly packing up our things and our cabin we hurried to our last location for Morgan’s wilderness senior session. We went to a little lake that we had been eyeing up each day. The lake was surrounded by primarily burnt trees and it had a slightly eerie vibe. We loved it and Morgan and I thought it was the perfect place to end the session

After we wrapped up her wilderness senior session our families went out for our last hike of the summer. It was a great weekend and I am so happy that we got to have that experience for Morgan’s pictures! It was a great way to end our summer.┬áThank you again, Morgan, for hanging out with me and being my senior rep for the Class of 2018! Love you!

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