“I’ve loved working with Kasey so much! She has done so many sessions for us from dating, to wedding anniversaries to puppy announcements! And each session she has just done incredible no matter the location! She has such an eye for angles and posing us just right! I’m so grateful for all of the breathtaking memories she has forever captured for my family! I can’t wait to keep watching how her career blossoms!” – Gracie

Adventure Anniversary Session

Gracie & Shelby wanted to do an anniversary session that captured their love and the beauty of Montana. They had never been to Glacier National Park before and so we talked about going there for the session. It would be an adventure and the images would show off the state’s beauty to their family back home. Going to Glacier ended up being such a great idea. The park was the perfect winter wonderland for their anniversary session.

Montana – A Winter Wonderland

Imagine if you will a world blanketed in snow. The white ground is so pristine that it looks as if it has been untouched by man. Above you the clouds are so thick that the sky itself is an endless sea of white. Emerging from this blank page is the shape of dark, rugged mountains. The air is so still, that the fog just hovers between the peaks, making the towering pines appear black. This beautiful scene is captivating and you get lost in the wilderness around you.

Bringing you back from the daze is the only sound you hear, the sound that reminds you that you are still in civilization, tires on the wet pavement. The pavement shines like black onyx as the car traverses onward.

Winter Magic

When we arrived at Glacier National Park the setting was even more mesmerizing. You could feel the air around you and it clung to you like a coat. You almost felt warm amidst the scene of snow and ice. It was completely and totally serene and my mind just felt at peace. Taking in all of the beauty around me, I knew that I was going to be able to create some magic for my anniversary session with Gracie and Shelby.

As we walked toward Lake McDonald it looked like a massive mirror in the ground. The mountains and the trees reflected their image in the lake and it was beautiful. I was so excited because it was perfect for Gracie and Shelby’s session.

As the two of them walked along the edge of the lake I stood back taking pictures. It was so inspiring getting to capture their love amidst such a grand scene. At one point I even walked out into the frigid waters so that way I could have a better angle of Gracie and Shelby with their reflection in the water.

We ended their session along the pier. Everything up to that point had been so pretty, but this was it. This was the real magic. As they walked out towards the water, holding hands, they looked so tiny in the vastness of the winter scene. It was such a beautiful and pure reminder that no matter how small we are in this world, that when we have love we are never alone. When we have love we have everything.


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